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Obtaining a Library card

Anyone who lives, works or attends school in Otsu city can borrow books.
To obtain a library card, please show some identification card that includes your name and present address, and fill out the application form.
15 books may be checked out 3 weeks.

Book Returns

You may return books at the counter while our library is open. When our library is closed, please use the return slot to left side of the entrance.
 * You can also return books at Otsu-shi Kita Library, Wani Library, Nango Branch of Otsu City Library and Bookmobile.

Renewing Books

If no one else requests a book you are borrowing, you can renew it by bringing it back to the library for 3 weeks. And by telephoning to the library within 1 week. But this extension by telephone is only one time.

Reserving a Book

If a book you want to read is already checked out, you can reserve it by filling out a reservation form. You can also reserve it by telephone or internet.
If we don’t have a book you want to read, we seek for it as possible as we can and offer it.
* You need to register your password and E-mail address for reservation by internet in advance.

Copy Service

You are permitted under copyright regulations, to make copies of library documents.
Our copy service corner is located on the second floor.
The charge is 10 yen per page. (50 yen per page for microfilm)

Finding a book

Books are arranged according to subjects.
Books can be also searched using computers.
If you can’t find what you are looking for, please ask library staffs.

Other services available

  • Services of showing a film for children and adults
  • Services for children (puppet show, story telling, reading foreign picture-books)
  • Services for disabled persons
  • Services of Bookmobile
  • When you come to our library by a car, you can park at the public parking lots of Asuto Hamaotsu or Sky Plaza buildings at Hamaotsu district. The charge is free for 90 minutes. Please show your parking card at the counter.

Books are arranged by subjects as follows

0. General works (library science bibliography, computer, journalism)
1. Philosophy (philosophy, psychology, science of religion, ethics)
2. History (history, biography, geography, travel)
3. Social Sciences (politics, law, economics, statistics, social studies, education, ethnology military)
4. National Sciences (mathematics, physical science, medicine)


5. Technology (engineering, industry, home economics)
6. Industry (forestry and agriculture, fisheries, business, communications)


7. The arts (fine art, music, theater, sports and physical education, hobbies, leisure activities)
8. Languages


9. Literature
F. Novels (listed accoriding to authors)
- Books for children
- Newspapers
- Magazines
- Paperbacks


- Hanato-Kobako library corner
- Matsuo Basho library cornerbr> - Ernest-F-Fenollosa library corner
- Travel guides
- Refernce books